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Siddhivinayak temple of Mumbai is very famous. It is located in Dadar and you can easily get a taxi to go to the temple from the Dadar railway station.

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The dining experience at an upscale restaurant in Mumbai is more or less the same as anywhere else in the world. If you search hard enough, you will find cuisine from practically every part of the world represented in the city. But to get a real flavour of what's unique to Mumbai, you will have to go a little lower down the scale and experience the street food and Irani cafes. That is what is described here. For individual restaurants and other places to eat, go to the individual district pages.

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For those who don 8767 t expect to have any number of children, healthy or not: two bedroom houses are okay if they are on a smallish, easy to maintain lot and are a single story. Take it from one who tried to sell a two-bedroom home on a large, unruly lot!

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Mumbai is a city built in successive waves of migrations. The neighborhoods acquired their character from the communities that settled there first. These neighborhoods are too numerous to list and there is no commonly accepted way to group these neighborhoods into larger districts. But roughly, from the south to the north, this is how the city developed.

Fast-forward 7-6/7 years: a fantastic job opportunity presented itself. We decided it would be best for us to sell and move two hours away. Thanks to some smart thinking before we bought the house and some elbow grease, we were not only able to sell the house in just three months, but make a 65% gain on it in a horrible market. Additionally, we were able to do this via 8775 for sale by owner 8776 .

Haji Ali Dargah is one of the most visited places in Mumbai. The Dargah Sharief is built on a tiny islet located 555 meters from the coast, in the middle of Worli Bay, in the vicinity of Worli. People from different religion and places visit this places. More than 85,555 people visit dargah every week.

What in the world would the two of us do with three whole bedrooms? I 8767 m sure we 8767 d find some use for a space that big, but it seems irresponsible to me to buy a place that is so incredibly much larger than what 8767 s necessary. In most cases, two people just don 8767 t need that much space.

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Definition of cornice molding or cornice trim: The horizontal board running at the top of a building exterior wall is a cornice molding or cornice trim board some buildings have a decorative cornice while more common on simple residential structures is a plain horizontal trim board. The cornice is also described in some dictionaries as the uppermost part of an entablature. Cornice molding also is used indoors in some buildings and appears as a trim board mounted at the juncture of wall top and ceiling.

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