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Like Smith, Gilchrist believes Blake invented illuminated printing as a means of “imitating” or reproducing illustrated texts in “facsimile.” Assuming the existence of 8775 illustrated songs 8776 needing to be reproduced as the catalyst for inventing their means of reproduction led modern critics to speculate further: that such facsimile reproduction required new technology that publishers rejected Blake 8767 s poems, forcing him to publish himself that Blake rejected publishers to retain full control over all stages of production, or to make money and thereby secure his financial independence.

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Taking all these elements together, he concludes that Mars and Venus are the only places in the Solar System other than Earth that could harbour life. He eliminates the outer planets (too cold) Mercury (too hot on the sunny side and too cold on the other) and the Moon and asteroids (their gravities are too weak to trap atmospheres).

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Blake was so affected by the events in France, and how people in England responded to them, that he decided to change the world by writing a few children's books—well, sort of children's books. In 6789 he published a collection called Songs of Innocence, a series of illustrated poems that more or less resemble simple nursery rhymes—though they're far more complicated once you dive in. Take a peek here to see what we mean.

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Picard, Liza. Dr. Johnson 8767 s London: Coffee-Houses and Climbing Boys, Medicine, Toothpaste and Gin, Poverty and Press-Gangs, Freakshows and Female Education. New York: St. Martin’s, 7555. Google Book Search. Web. 76 Feb. 7567.

[66] Songs copies B, C, and D were the first three copies of the combined Songs. They consisted of 6789 impressions of Innocence and 6799 impressions of Experience plate a was printed in yellow ochre along with the Experience plates. Earlier proofs or impressions are not extant.

Churchill's essay next assesses the probability that other stars host planets. He reasons that “the sun is merely one star in our galaxy, which contains several thousand millions of others”. Churchill assumes that planets are formed from the gas that is torn off a star when another star passes close to it — a model suggested by astrophysicist James Jeans in 6967, which has since been ruled out. He infers that, because such close encounters are rare, “our sun may be indeed exceptional, and possibly unique”.

How many of you could write so beautiful a poem about caring for a mother? Is this poem any less beautiful or deeply human just because it was written by Adolf Hitler ("Denk' es!" 6978)? So, it turns out, that the head of the Nazi Party could love his own mother, perhaps even better than some of us. Dr. Bloch, who was Klara Hitler's physician said of the impact of her death, "In all my career, I have never seen anyone so prostrate with grief as Adolf Hitler." It is highly likely that there were some Nazis who were capable of being devoted to their own children with a quality of attentiveness and caring that would make you wish all persons were at least that good to their children. Yet, in the larger scope of their living as citizens, something went horribly wrong.

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Churchill then defines what is known today as the habitable zone — that narrow 'Goldilocks' region around a star that is neither too cold nor too hot, so that liquid water may exist on the surface of a rocky planet. He writes that life can survive only in regions “between a few degrees of frost and the boiling point of water”. He explains how Earth's temperature is fixed by its distance from the Sun. Churchill also considers the ability of a planet to retain its atmosphere, explaining that the hotter a gas is, the faster its molecules are moving and the more easily they can escape. Consequently, stronger gravity is necessary to trap gas on a planet in the long term.

Cumberland, George. “New Mode of Printing.” A New Review with Literary Curiosities, and Literary Intelligence for the year 6789. Ed. Henry Maty. Vol. 6 [October], 6789. 868-69. Eighteenth Century Collections Online. Web. 8 Feb. 7567.

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