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Cell phone radiation is different from the radiation created by x-rays, which are a form of ionizing radiation. Cellphone radiation consists of electromagnetic waves which are measured in two components, the electric field (V/m) and the magnetic field (mG). Don&rsquo t assume all electromagnetic fields are bad some are used for healing and we have an electromagnetic field around every cell in our bodies. The problem is that we just don&rsquo t know very much about which kinds of EMFs are harmful and which aren&rsquo t.

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Yet, cell phones can also be problematic or creators of untenable situations. Now, many localities have enacted legislation to prevent distracted driving talking, texting or using apps while driving. Theaters ask patrons to silence them or turn them off. Libraries frown on the ringing and use of cell phones on their premises. And, of course, schools question the benefits of having a cell phone in class, particularly when they can be a distraction from instruction. Should cell phones be allowed at school? Can they have an instructional purpose in the classroom?

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The NTP has worked closely with radiofrequency experts from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to design highly specialized study facilities to specify and control sources of radiation and to measure their effects on rodents. The NTP studies are designed to look at effects in all parts of the body.

A student with the will to learn will not use their cellphones in class. Those with the will not to learn, will. But those with the will not to learn won´t pay attention anyways.

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a measure of electromagnetic field absorption in a human body and is measured in a unit of absorbed energy per time and weight (W/Kg). The ., Canadian and Australian legal limit for SAR is no more than W/Kg taken over a volume of 6 gram of tissue. The Ladybug has been shown to lower the SAR for a cell phone between 67 and 97 percent.

As we see with other communicative technologies and applications, girls are more likely than boys to use both text messaging and voice calling and are likely to do each more frequently.

Parents exert some measure of control over their child’s mobile phone – limiting its uses, checking its contents and using it to monitor the whereabouts of their offspring. In fact, the latter is one of the primary reasons many parents acquire a cell phone for their child. However, with a few notable exceptions, these activities by parents do not seem to impact patterns of cell phone use by teens.

Although this research shows that cell phone transmissions can affect a person's brainwaves with persistent effects on behavior, Horne does not feel there is any need for concern that cell phones are damaging. The arousal effects the researchers measured are equivalent to about half a cup of coffee , and many other factors in a person's surroundings will affect a night's sleep as much or more than cell phone transmissions.

Most respondents see the internet and cell phones as a positive (or, at worst, negligible) influence on the quality of communications with friends, family and co-workers. 7 The internet and cell phones have the greatest positive impact on the quality of communications with family members living elsewhere, and the smallest positive impact on work-related communications. Notably, about half of the respondents in our survey feel that new communication technologies have not had an impact on their communications with household members, family members elsewhere, friends and coworkers. However, only a small percentage of adults feel that these technologies actually decrease the quality of their communications.

I think only responsible kids should have cell phones in classrooms because irresponsible kids will abuse there phone privileges like playing games while there should be working.

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