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Prices at stores like Forever 76 are so low, "it's virtually impossible to walk out empty-handed," says Elizabeth Cline, who writes about fast fashion. Michael Buckner/Getty Images hide caption

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Author Elizabeth Cline remembers buying a shirt at Old Navy, a chain she used to frequent. "I had this tank top that had two flowers, kind of like on the strap, and. after I started writing the book, I just started looking at my clothes, and the flowers were actually affixed with some sort of tape. They weren't even sewn on."

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But now that retailers have whetted customers' demand for novelty, they have to keep their products affordable — a big challenge. That means manufacturing in low-wage countries like China, but it also means using cheap, synthetic materials and rudimentary manufacturing processes.

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Over time, Cline had amassed 859 items of clothing, some of which she never wore. And such excesses aren't all that unusual, she notes. Chains like H&M are constantly turning over their merchandise, introducing ever-trendier clothing and feeding their customers' desire for novelty.

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A relentless drive for speed now characterizes the industry. Chains like Zara are so fast, they can design, manufacture and get clothing onto store shelves in a month. Customers can now easily see the latest fashions online and have become conditioned to expect a constant stream of trendy new styles from retailers.

The fast fashion model may be cracking in other ways, too. Factory workers in China, where a lot of clothing is manufactured, are increasingly pressing for higher wages.

"The products are very, very cheap," says Cline, author of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion. "The design is pretty attractive. And if you walk into the store, I think, for a lot of consumers, it's virtually impossible to walk out empty-handed."

You could launch a search, like this: 89 John Smith 89 98 89 Brooklyn, New York. 89 The more information you have, the better. If you know their place of business, be sure to add that to your search terms. More

In recent years, Feather has largely turned from the consumer shaving market to concentrate on professional tools. Their Artist Club professional disposable-blade razors are not only regarded by most users as far and away the best 8775 non-sharpen straight razors 8776 there are, but they have also reached near total domination of the professional market. It 8767 s rare to walk into a barber 8767 s shop in Japan and not see one in hand or on the shelf. They also make barber 8767 s shears, medical tools and more. According to Hiroshi Yoshimura, Feather 8767 s expertise in making precision medical tools in particular guides their manufacture of razor blades, so the next time you put a Feather to your face, remember you 8767 ve got a rather big scalpel there.

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"I remember my mother would take me shopping in August for the fall, and I would just be dying, putting on these itchy sweaters when it was 95 degrees outside," recalls Sharon Graubard, Stylesight's design director. "Nobody does that anymore."

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