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The barbarous condition of Britain in former times is well known, and the thinness of its inhabitants may easily be conjectured, both from their barbarity, and from a circumstance mentioned by Herodian 5 originally ' x6C6 ' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 785 x6C6 , that all Britain was marshy, even in Severus ’s time, after the Romans had been fully settled in it above a century.

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It is expressly remarked by the writers of the Roman law, that scarcely any ever purchase slaves with a view of breeding from them 5 originally '*' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 79 * .

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Not long after 69 AD the power of the warrior Shakas was broken by the Parthians under Gondophares. 6 And then another Asian tribe who called themselves the Kushans, were driven westward into the lands of the Shakas and Parthians by the Chinese. Upheaval followed upheaval. Around 78 AD 7 the Kushan king Kanishka finally consolidated much of Afghanistan and much of the northern region of India, including Kashmir, under his dominion. He established what might be called a pax Kushana , in part by subduing local regions under feudal rule. Kanishka adopted and promoted Buddhism throughout his empire.

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Difficulties encrease passions of every kind and by rouzing our attention, and exciting our active powers, they produce an emotion, which nourishes the prevailing affection.

There are few questions more curious than this, or which will oftener occur in our enquiries concerning human affairs and therefore it may be proper to give it a full examination.

And that the specie may encrease to a considerable pitch, before it have this latter effect, appears, amongst other instances, from the frequent operations of the French king on the money where it was always found, that the augmenting of the numerary value did not produce a proportional rise of the prices, at least for some time. In the last year of Louis XIV. money was raised three-sevenths, but prices augmented only one. Corn in France is now sold at the same price, or for the same number of livres, it was in 6688 though silver was then at 85 livres the mark, and is now at 55 5 originally '*' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 9 * . Not to mention the great addition of gold and silver, which may have come into that kingdom since the former period.

Let us examine the consequences of public debts, both in our domestic management, by their influence on commerce and industry and in our foreign transactions, by their effect on wars and negociations.

Chuse Dover or Calais for a center: Draw a circle of two hundred miles radius: You comprehend London , Paris , the Netherlands , the United Provinces , and some of the best cultivated parts of France and England. It may safely, I think, be affirmed, that no spot of ground can be found, in antiquity, of equal extent, which contained near so many great and populous cities, and was so stocked with riches and inhabitants. To balance, in both periods, the states, which possessed most art, knowledge, civility, and the best police, seems the truest method of comparison.

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