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These ideas inform decisions and are central to science education. They constitute the 'thinking behind the doing' that is a necessary complement to the subject content of biology, chemistry and physics.

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Mr Will Bryan achieved the top grade possible (A) in Biology A-level before reading Geography at the University of Cambridge. During his three years as an undergraduate, Will studied biogeography, which focuses on plant biology at the macro-scale and covers issues, such as plant succession and the impact of fertilisers on the environment. He also studied contemporary climate processes, including the causes and impacts of global warming, which are a common feature of Biology syllabuses. Will is available to teach Biology to students up to IGCSE.

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c) Solar panels may contain water that is heated by radiation from the Sun. This water may then be used to heat buildings or provide domestic hot water.

Measuring resistance with a voltmeter and an ammeter

The Physics Department encourages every pupil to think about the huge range of careers relating to Physics, from sound engineering to astronomy, from the latest hospital scanners to nanotechnology, and from designing the latest in smart materials for fashion to laser fusion research.

d Now, for several different values of ., measure the current through the lamp. Plot a graph of your results this graph is known as the voltage-current characteristic of the lamp.

e Replace the lamp in the circuit with the resistor. Repeat the experiment and calculate its resistance. Take sufficient readings to allow you to plot the voltage-current characteristic.

a) Electric current is a flow of electric charge. The size of the electric current is the rate of flow of electric charge. The size of the current is given by the equation:

Candidates should understand that while small-scale production can be locally useful it is sometimes uneconomic to connect such generation to the National Grid.

b) recognising and identifying the cause of random errors. When a data set contains random errors, repeating the readings and calculating a new mean can reduce their effect.

Congratulations to Miss Angelina Curtis of Wycombe Abbey , who scored 97 percentile on the Math section of the SCAT and has been accepted to the Johns Hopkins University Centre for Talented Youth International Program Physics of Engineering Course.

Mr James Taylor has studied German for seven years. In 7567, as part of a language exchange programme, he spent two weeks in Mainz teaching at a local primary school. In his final two years of school, James tutored German privately and acted as a classroom assistant in German lessons up to GCSE level. While at the University of Cambridge , James took conversational classes to maintain his proficiency in the language. He has an in-depth knowledge of Bertold Brecht&rsquo s Der Besuch Der Alten Dame, and of the Mecklenburg Vorpommern region.

Candidates should understand that a lot of energy is wasted in filament bulbs by heating. Less energy is wasted in power saving lamps such as Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs).

When undoing a nut fastened to a screw by hand one realises that the amount of force required is a lot greater than when undoing the same nut using a spanner. The spanner increases the distance between the fulcrum and the line of action of the force, thus for the same force a greater moment is obtained.

Appliances transfer energy but they rarely transfer all of the energy to the place we want. We need to know the efficiency of appliances so that we can choose between them, including how cost effective they are, and try to improve them.

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