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What are the hot research topics in wireless

Optical fiber types:  On basis of refractive index and propagation fiber optic cable are clarified. Classifications of propagation are single mode and multimode basis of refractive index in optical fiber are categorized as graded index fiber and step index fiber.

Wireless Communication Thesis Topics for Students

Release of Message Contents:  Through packet transmission the data is learnt by type of attack is not easily detectable. So thesis can be done innovatively in the category of encryption.

MS thesis topics - 37865 - The Cisco Learning Network

Symmetric or secret key and asymmetric or public key cryptography are the two kinds of cryptography. Individual key are presented to sender and receiver in secret key methods whereas they both share a single key in public key cryptography.

In addtion to the regular courses that will be offered, there is also a set of research topics available for the students undertaking their Master Thesis. These topics allow for both fundamental and applied research, as well as technology transfer, depending on the case. These research directions will be availabe for two purposes:

Before this just becomes a rant, I want to conclude and draw attention that I would not know any of you without technical and social Internetworking. I am glad to be a 76sth century thinker. I am a networker all ways around it. I look forward to great revelations in 7567.

Not sure if I ever knew how to 'properly communicate'. That also goes for the vast majority people in the world today and yesteryears. There is an ettiquite involved that is undoubtedly in many ways biological/psychological. It relies on two way communication Collaberation if you will. My favorite term is networking.

Personality goes far beyond words and a Facebook page but these are things that can radiate. Now everyone has the potential of grabbing the spotlight of the world. Truely a new potential for anybody. Something that was once reserved for a select few.

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The way I see social networking is an extension of huminaty and the next step in the evolution of communication. It is far better than radion/television which was (past tense for the reason TV will be on the internet soon) only passively feeding junk into the mind. Now we have chance to engage what we see and respond with our thoughts, feelings, etc. Things can be adjusted for the individuals personality.

There is a proper time and place for the usage of social media. I really wasn't a big fan, but if used correctly, it can really be beneficial. There is also the proper amount of usage. If you forget how to have a vocal conversation or use acronyms in a work report, then I'd say you've gone too far.

To the OP - I thought part of getting a Master's degree was being able to apply critical thinking skills, and be able to create original work? If that is the case, what is the point of asking the Internet to tell you what to write about? Does that not defeat the purpose of the journey?

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