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As Adler points out, Brazilians and Americans were almost identical in the characteristics they identified, except for the final category. The Japanese tended to emphasize an interpersonal negotiating style, stressing verbal expressiveness, and listening ability, while their American and Brazilian counterparts focused more on verbal ability, planning, and judgment. To the Chinese in Taiwan, it was important that the negotiator be an interesting person who shows persistence and determination.

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Prerequisites: Acceptance into the LPN to AAS in Nursing program, current and unrestricted license as an LPN in Virginia, completion of background and drug screening, current CPR with American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Provider, and grade of C or above in the following courses: SDV 655, BIO 696, ENG 666, MTH 676.

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Studies the development of the individual from conception to death. Follows a life-span perspective on the developmental tasks of the person's physical, cognitive, and psycho-social growth.

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Presents economic analysis of engineering alternatives. Studies economic and cost concepts, calculation of economic equivalence, comparison of alternatives, replacement economy, economic optimization in design and operation, depreciation, and after-tax analysis.

Examines the skills needed for establishing and managing early childhood programs. Emphasizes professionalism and interpersonal skills, program planning, staff selection and development, creating policies, budgeting, and developing forms for recordkeeping.

Focuses on assessment, treatment, and evaluation of patients with cardiopulmonary disease. Explores cardiopulmonary, renal, and neuromuscular physiology and pathophysiology.

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Includes finding the equation of a line, graphing linear equations and inequalities in two variables, and solving systems of two linear equations. Emphasizes writing and graphing equations using the slope of the line, points on the line, and applications. Credits not applicable toward graduation.

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