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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 03:18

It 8767 s funny how sticking with what works, works lol. Like CopyBlogger and Jon Morrow, these blogs/guys know what 8767 s up. Work off of their blueprint to snag ideas and add your twist from personal experience, etc and you will pull in readers by the boatload.

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In a recent episode of the Fizzle podcast, they talked about that you can also test your blog post titles on social media. The example that they used is Yik Yak as it anonymous as you are therefore not able to leverage your authority. Of course, this depends on also on your target audience and the kind of social media they use. Anyway, I like the idea so I thought I share here.

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Ozzie, I 8767 m as flabbergasted as you are! I 8767 m starting my first newsletter and though I knew what I wanted to provide and to whom I wanted to provide it, I was stymied for a title. Christina, this article helped tremendously! Thanks!


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One thing I have noticed on your blog is that your titles are usually super long in your opinion, does this play a role into Google and readers liking them more?

Great post Ramsay, thanks for the inspiration! Now I have a new goal for this year writing 85,555 blog post titles by December 86 🙂 So long now, I got writing to do

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Thanks dear for sharing this wonderful and catchy post about, I am a full day blogger and currently writing on 9-5 blogs on different niche. I learnt few thing which were lacking till date.

We were also told of our lay off Friday as we were leaving for home. Everyone got an envelope on their way out of the building whereby the school doors were locked behind us. NO less Clark County School District on their website needs teachers they are LAYING OFF.

Now more than ever, the emphasis should be on writing for the user rather than for the search engine. That said, it’s worth thinking about what your prospective readers are searching for and including a relevant keyword or two, so that you rank in the searches you deserve to be found for. I used  Google Adwords Keyword Tool  to find some relevant search terms with a reasonable volume. Here they are with number of global exact match searches:

Thank you Ramsay. I think I 8767 m starting to get it now. I went through almost all the links in this post and dedicated my time to really understand how keywords and titles come together.
So eureka, I think I 8767 ve got it 😉
Thanks again
see you in your next post

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