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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 04:28

Child Characteristics, Diarrheal Episode Characteristics, and Mothers' Interpretations of Diarrheal Episodes as Determinants of the Use of the Oral Rehydration Therapy in Rural and Urban Bangladesh

Doctoral Summer School - Faculty of Economics, University

Characteristics of Inner-City Pregnant African-American Adolescents: Impact of Nutrition on Maternal Health, Fetal Bone Development and Adverse Birth Outcomes

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Obstetric Complications in Rural Bangladesh: Risk Factors for Reported Morbidity, Determinants of Care Seeking, and Service Availability for Emergency Obstetric Care

Strategy - Doctoral - Harvard Business School

Gender, Empowerment, and Women's Health in India: Perceived Morbidity and Treatment-Seeking Behaviors for Symptoms of Reproductive Tract Infections among Women of Rural Gujarat

Individual, Relational, and Environmental-Structural Determinants of Consistent Condom Use Among Femal Sex Workers and Male Regular Paying Partners in the Dominican Republic

The course is appropriate to everyone who plans to engage in case-based research during their studies or who wish to master the case-method as part of their broad research skills tool kit. Case research may be employed as the sole method in a PhD thesis or in combination with other methods, such as survey, modelling, simulation, etc. Since the course covers all stages of case research (from design to publication), the course will be of value to students at all stages of their PhD program.

Economists' typical interests in strategic and market-based interactions raise particular methodological challenges and opportunities that are uniquely well-suited for testing economic theories with experiments. The aims are: to provide and discuss the foundations of experimental economics: Theory, design and running of Lab-Field experiments to introduce a methodology for doing experimental research and achieving high internal and external validity. To present important empirical findings in substantive areas of application: Team decision, Oligopoly and learning, Neighborhood effects and other-regarding preferences, Time and risk.

Cost, Quality and Quality Assurance in Developing Country Health Systems: The Measurement and Improvement of Child Health Care and Client Satisfaction in Niger, West Africa

Evaluation of Methods to Measure Mucosal and Serological Immune Responses to Antigens of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli (ETEC) among Vaccinated and Infected Volunteers and Their Relevance to Identifying Correlates of Protection

Diabetes Prevention Among First Nations School Children in Sandy Lake, Ontario: Evaluation of A Culturally Appropriate School-Based Nutrition and Physical Activity Intervention

Before a formal submission of the proposal for the doctoral dissertation, a candidate must demonstrate a fluency in canonical Latin and pass proficiency examinations in two modern languages (Italian, Spanish, German, French) administered by the School of Canon Law. Fulfilling these requirements allows the student to request the Faculty admit the student into the Doctoral Program.

Examining the Intended and Unintended Effects of HIV-Specific Health Programs on Health Service Delivery: Conceptual Framework and Country Case Studies in Uganda

Students in the Strategy doctoral program work closely with faculty in the Strategy Unit. In addition to the DBA in Strategy, the Strategy unit offers a PhD in Business Economics , which is designed to attract students interested in pursuing research using a purely economics-based methodology.

Empowering the Socially Excluded: A Study of Impact on Equity by Gender, Caste and Wealth in Access to Health Care in Rural Parts of Four North Indian States

Ljubica Knezevic Cvelbar has a background in sustainable development and pro-environmental behavior. She is mainly interested in how can we change human behavior towards environmentally friendly. Her research on these topics has appeared in some of the leading international journals. She serves as an editorial board member and expert reviewer for Journal of Travel Research, Tourism Review, Tourism and Hospitality Management and International Journal of Event and Festival Management. She received several prestigious domestic and international research awards.

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