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when you go to fetch your sister and brother from the school, you just look for them among innumerable boys and girls. All these activities require some kind of effort on the part of people. Attention in this sense refers to “effort allocation”.


One of the most influential accounts of the phases of skill acquisition is presented by Fitts. According to him, skill learning passes through three phases, viz. cognitive, associative and autonomous. Each phase or stage of skill learning involves different types of mental processes. In the cognitive phase of skill learning, the learner has to understand and memorise the instructions, and also understand how the task has to be performed. In this phase, every outside cue, instructional demand, and one’s response outcome have to be kept alive in consciousness.

The Secret Doctrine Volume I - Theosophy

Bori Diali  ( called Budhi  Diwli & Kole-ri-Diwali in kullu= Signify victory of Khash Over Nag/kol (also mentioned By  Lal Chand Prarthi  in his book   8775 Kulut Desh Ki Kahani 8776 ) =People Dance Around Bonfire, sing Ramayana & Mahabharta,Khojala in Lahaul=during Full moon Time in jan.=Throw Burning Mashals,Leaves of Deodar Tree in The name of  Gephan & Brajeshwari Devi

UPPCS Previous Year Question Papers

A drug, called Ritalin, is widely used, which decreases children’s over-activity and distractibility, and at the same time increases their attention and ability to concentrate.

Delinquency : Delinquency refers to a variety of behaviours, ranging from socially unacceptable behaviour, legal offences, to criminal acts. Examples include truancy, running away from home, stealing or burglary or acts of vandalism.

Coaching is not a panacea/silver bullet: But you get direction, save time & remain consistent. Moreover, u can get opportunity to make teams and improve quality of preparation and motivation, of course.
It can create impact of 75-85% only. But its much more than what one may require in the end. I realized it later after losing it by 7-8% (though no regrets..!.)
Taught by competent professionals, having experience of entire process (HAS), till interview.
Simultaneous Interview preparation: weight age more than 65%, because of low marks in mains.
Training of Psychology, English & body language. Shall help in preparation of . with prelims. itself.

Spatial uncertainty is a fourth factor. Stimuli that appear at a fixed place are readily attended, whereas those that appear at random locations are difficult to attend.

psycho physics studies the relation between sensory organ and sensation. in order to be noticed a stimulus has to have a minimum weight or value. the minimum value of stimulus required to activate a given sensory system is called absolute threshold or absolute limen.

In order to eliminate habits that are undesirable and injurious for health and happiness, aversion therapy is used. The therapist arranges things in such a way that occurrence of maladjustive habits generates painful experiences and to avoid them clients learn to give them up. For example, alcohol is paired with an emetic drug (which induces severe nausea and vomiting) so that nausea and vomiting become a conditioned response to alcohol.

6989 = voting age become 68in IND. IVC = Town Planning, Wheat and cotter Pea Barley, G Ramany, Both Trade C Mesopotamia a stamps = Bull, Elephant and Rhinos

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