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AB As a Fitzgerald fan, how did you feel about the way Hemingway wrote about him in A Moveable Feast?

KC: Hemingway was responding to the Fitzgerald revival of the fifties when he wrote that unflattering portrait. He thought Fitzgerald’s reputation was being overinflated. And I think he thought that his own would suffer for the simple fact that he had survived his former rival by nearly twenty years. So he was attempting to reset the scales. Also, Hemingway tended to project his own self-dissatisfaction onto his rivals. And by the late fifties he was very unhappy with himself. In critiquing Fitzgerald’s excesses, he was attempting to convince himself that he hadn’t succumbed to those same ones.


To understand the full measure of how much modern SF writers don't understand the meaning of their own words, this is part of LoneStarCon 8's harassment policy:

The Paradise lost, by John Milton. With notes, explanatory

But speaking up to say you find a book offensive? That it's full of stereotypes, dehumanizing tropes, sexist or racist bullshit, and so on? Criticizing books and authors who perpetuate colonialism or the erasure and sidelining of women and minorities, of disabled and LGBTQ characters? That’s not only okay, it's necessary. It's important. Even when the reviewer is angry. - fantasy author Jim Hines.

:Great Books Online -- Quotes, Poems, Novels

sounds like something a straight white cis dude does, secure that his position and privilege will always be there. - Veronica Schanoes, Nebula nominated SFF author and SFWA member

KC: That’s such a great question. I don’t get a sense of her either. There is a whole different Gertrude Stein that comes through in her correspondence with Alice B. Toklas—an emotionally dependent, insecure, anxious partner who adores her wife almost as badly as she needs her approval. But it’s very hard to find those two selves fused in some revealing portrait. It’s almost as if she was one extreme or the other. I’m not sure many Victorians had the psychological contours we look for when we read about contemporary personalities. They tended to be more guarded even in private. Or maybe not private, but not as self-examining. That is a modern phenomenon.

Hard as it to believe, somewhere right now, a white, straight male is explaining to a woman or POC (person of color) what they =really= meant. - Steven Gould, science fiction (SF) author and president of the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA)

Like neo-Nazis, the KKK, the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party, radical feminism is a supremacist ideology whose main business is group defamation.

KC: I think there was a general dissatisfaction with prudery. As I mentioned, the Volstead Act pretty much put a crimp in your style if you were just entering your twenties. And remember that this was a period you couldn’t check into a hotel with a member of the opposite sex unless you were married—or a good liar. That’s a scene dramatized in Fitzgerald’s This Side of Paradise. The morality police were in hot pursuit of anyone and everyone who didn’t look like a Rotarian. Also, America seemed too business-minded. Later in the twenties Calvin Coolidge said that the business of America was business. That didn’t bode well if you were an artist and your business was art.

KC: That was Elizabeth’s phrase, not mine! But Zelda was a symbol of flapperhood in the 6975s, even though she was really only a flapper after her husband made her famous by claiming his modeled his female characters on her. She stood for a certain type of twenties’ woman: bold, outlandish, feminine but not mousy or decorous. She wasn’t really “one of the boys,” but she could hang with them. Mostly she reflects a bold, impetuous spirit. Of course, unfortunately, she became a cautionary tale and an emblem of mental illness.

God sends the Son down to judge the two disobediant creatures. The Son condemns Eve, and all of womankind, to painful childbirths and submission to her husband. He condemns Adam to a life of a painful battle with nature and hard work at getting food from the ground. He condemns the serpent to always crawl on the ground on its belly, always at the heel of Eve s sons.

The silliness is so far advanced that authors claim to want to de-white their libraries, boycott all-male or all-white convention panels and even ask people to not read books written by straight, white, cis males in favor of stories by women or people of color or LGBT writers. Any push back against this insanity is naturally portrayed as confirmation homophobic, women-hating, white racists were there all along, angry at giving up the dominance of their male patriarchy and racial centrality.

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