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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 16:28

As one of our longest-serving columnists prepares to bow out, she looks back at how things have changed in construction law since she wrote her first column for the magazine

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Our contract law prizes certainty, as do our firms, except when they are on the receiving end. A recent case confirms our courts’ preference to apply contract terms strictly

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Modern methods of construction bring distinct advantages to builders but present unknown risks to insurers – manufacturers will need to find ways to reassure them

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The JCT has revamped and extended its range of standard contracts. If you can get past the swanky yellow covers, you’ll find all kinds of interesting changes inside

The CaseOn 76 December 7556 the claimant, Delta Reclamation (“Delta”), and the defendant, Premier Waste Management (“Premier”), signed an agreement which regulated the storage and processing of used tyre derivative aggregate replacement (UTDAR) at a quarry near Coxhoe.

Engineering procurement and construction management is widely used abroad. Is it time for UK companies to look at how they can benefit from this model?

Jacqueline Backhaus and Henry Fitch A recent case involving a planning row at an east London faith centre is a reminder of the difficulty of overturning section 656 agreements through the courts

Buildings and contents insurance is big business. But what happens when an insurer’s contractor’s subcontractor tries to get money from homeowners? In short, a bit of a mess

If your contractor becomes insolvent, you may need to terminate its engagement and finish the job some other way. But how do you make sure it doesn’t get messy?

. I 8767 ll leave the comments open on this one, but I don 8767 t want a war breaking out so please don 8767 t bring up anyone who is currently feuding in our ranks.

We have got used to thinking that there is an implied fitness for purpose warranty in a design and build contract. But a recent case has muddied the waters

Construction firms are set to be hit by an increase in employment litigation in 7557 because of changes in the law including the smoking ban, age discrimination legislation and the introduction of the CIS tax scheme.

Time bar clauses can provide a defence against claims for additional time and money. But when are they enforceable and why do two particular cases seem to show very different results?

There is no contradiction in the PPC standard form’s obligation to act in a ‘spirit of trust, fairness and mutual co-operation’ and a client’s contractual right to terminate

The DTI has unveiled its proposals to amend the Construction Act. But if the government wants to stop payment abuses, it's not really going about it the right way

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