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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 10:49

I currently have a menu button link to a certain area of my home page, for instance I named a section/column 8775 #portfolio 8776 so the page will scroll down to that section when the menu button 8775 Portfolio 8776 is clicked.

How to Add an Image in WordPress Sidebar Widget

As someone who hangs out in the crafty space, I see Sela and Dara as perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want a softer look for their sites, but the themes 8767 flexibility and attention to detail make them lovely for personal blogs as well.

How The Feature Box Increased Our Blog Subscription Rate

Just a question Is there a way to make a selection of widgets always show up on a category or tag archive page? At the moment every time I create a new category I have to remember to also add the widgets to that category with the plugin.

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WordPress looks at this setting whenever you upload something new. Previously uploaded stuff stays in whatever folder(s) it was uploaded into originally. And that 8767 s how it should be, otherwise you may end up breaking links on your site.

Do you have any templates to recommend to me? I don 8767 t see anything that thrills me at iThemes for an initial Builder-friendly template and I don 8767 t know if I can integrate any of those NGO needs into the site over there.

This being said, it was an honest question. I 8767 m just having a conversation and sharing honestly my journey. Why that would warrant a 8775 why poison the water 8776 is totally weird.

One thing I 8767 m curious about. You mention early on in the comparison that switching frameworks on a well established blog is a no-no. I was using Thesis for a while, then changed to Headway for my current set-up (on my personal blog).

Yes, I mentioned that. You guys have the best pricing, perhaps is to cheap and that 8767 s not good either, but you have your numbers, I don 8767 t and as long as the company survives, that 8767 s all that matters.

excerpt_length is a filter that let 8767 s you modify how much text is displayed when you use the_excerpt() in your theme. By default it returns 55 words. If you wanted to change that to 85 words, you would put this in your file:

Hi there- love your plugin but, like some other posters, I find it does not work with all widgets the options just don 8767 t show up any suggestions on how to make it work for all widgets?

The img tag is used in HTML to display images. It needs two attributes, the first one is src which defines the image file location. This is where you will paste the URL you copied earlier.

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